Types of mannequins

Shopping mannequins for a clothing store are both a design element, advertising, and selling equipment. It is difficult to overestimate them. Even in small points on the market, they try to put a couple of the most advantageous-looking sets on the "forms" in order to demonstrate the goods by face. Buyers always look at mannequins and pay attention to what they are wearing. The thing looks completely different even on a plastic body than just hung on hangers or stacked on a shelf. A sweater, a skirt, a dress that can be seen from all sides and assess their volume, fit, compatibility with another thing, will be sold much faster by themselves and will contribute to the contact of the seller and the buyer. The tasks that the demonstration figures perform are directly related to the varieties of the mannequins themselves, so it is better to consider them in such a logical connection. Well, tailor's mannequins are the beginning of a long journey of things before they get to the store. That is, they are the tool for seamstresses, without which more than one model of clothing would not have turned out.Image mannequins have a place in the showcases, at the entrance to the hall. Like pointers, mannequins are placed in the direction of the movement of the customer flow. They certainly correspond to the general concept of the brand, trademark and are decorated in a style that echoes the interior and even furniture. Their task is to attract customers, identify the individuality and uniqueness of a particular store. They create a kind of general picture, plot, story. They are placed on podiums in the center of the hall, if the area allows. Often such mannequins are female or male - designer, they are either completely devoid of individual characteristics (completely covered with varnish, paint, draped with fabric, have no faces) or, conversely, with wigs and makeup look just like a doll. The poses in which the image figures are located are quite free: for example, in a sports store, suits and sets are worn on a group of mannequins-"runners". Price tags are not fixed on the product itself, but are left next to it on a stand: here, first of all, the beauty of the composition is important, the buyer will certainly read the price tag if he is interested in things.Commodity mannequins are the flagships of sales. Their main function is to demonstrate clothes. The most selling, so to speak, among all the mannequins. The entire size range of models, of course, cannot be displayed on them, racks and hangers will cope with this task, but at least one qualitatively, thoughtfully dressed figure for 10-15 squares of area is the necessary minimum. These mannequins are inexpensive, they can be both full-height and partial (torsos, legs). Unlike image ones, commodity ones are made of light plastic in order to quickly rearrange them from place to place, sometimes clothes are sold perfectly right from them and you have to change your figure a couple of times a day.Assortment mannequins illustrate the latest fashion trends and at the same time stimulate spontaneous (impulse) purchases. They usually wear not only clothes, but also accessories like bags, costume jewelry, headdress, scarf. They may not be allocated to a separate group if the direction of the store does not involve trading in related products. Let's say there are no shoes or hats at a point with an assortment of outerwear: then putting something like this on a mannequin means misleading the buyer. If a person does not find what he is looking for in the hall, he will be disappointed. But the additional task of assortment figures is to inform the client competently!Accent mannequin-like markers and guides by departments. They are used in large-area stores, in departments remote from the main flow of visitors, for example, off-season items, underwear. Noticing such a mannequin, the buyer will involuntarily come closer to see what the figure is wearing, so it is customary to demonstrate all the brightest, eye-catching things on accent mannequins. If this is a sales department, then stickers with the size of the discount are fixed directly on this "silent seller".In general, we can say that any mannequin is purchased at the exhibition in order to stimulate sales, but they do it in different ways. Advertising and image figures work for the future, creating a pleasant impression for people, helping to remember the store among dozens of similar ones. Commodity ones allow you to touch and examine clothes, accent and assortment ones will draw the buyer's attention to the goods at a discount and at the same time "remind" of things that would be nice to buy, since they are here, for example, underwear, hosiery. Like any commercial equipment, a mannequin, when properly used, is universal and performs a whole range of tasks. The manufacturing industry does not stand still: robot mannequins have already been designed and even operate, configured for simple mechanical actions and programmed change of poses. Of course, such a novelty in itself attracts a lot of visitors, but at the same time it distracts a little from the subject of trade, clothing, so that ordinary plastic figures will always be in demand. 1XBET Free Promo Code 130%. The promo code when registering in the 1xBet BC is designed to attract new customers. A set of letters and numbers is entered when creating an account, which raises the amount of the first deposit to$ 130 . The editorial board reminds that in order to receive the bonus, you will need to go through the wagering procedure. The bookmaker asks you to put down the amount in express trains. The coefficient of each individual bet is at least 1.4. 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